Blue Mountain Associates Inc.
Wyoming Speciality Crop
Apple trees, 20 in all, arrive at the orchard to begin to bring specialty crops of fruit to the Wind River Indian Reservation and provide educational workshops to tribal members on organic and traditional foods for better health and wellness.
Partner Organizations:
The Arapaho Ranch

University of Wyoming Wind River Extension Office

Blue Mountain Associates, Inc.

Project Purpose:
The project purpose is to develop a cooperative effort between the three partners in order to utilize idle land to provide both healthy food and educational benefits for sever al small communities on the reservation. The allocated land from the Arapahoe Ranch, which has a good water source, has not been in use for several years. This project's new specialty crops (apples at first) will hopefully bring an interest in healthy food incentives and help to foster creativity for other small land owners to do the same.

One of the goals is to provide good agricultural practices by demonstration. We propose to produce fruits as our speciality crops of apples, raspberries and chokecherries. Another goal is to have at least 50 tribal members participate in a variety of workshops demonstrating the value of these speciality crops. Our third goal is to have 20 youth volunteers to take part in the various stages in the development of the project.
Goal five will be to conduct five community workshops for the strategic planning of creative and productive speciality crops. Our final goal, which has been a success for two years 2011 and 2012, was to create and implement a Wind River Indian Reservation Farmers Market through the cooperative effort of this project and surrounding community members.
The Food Dignity Project, also located on this web site, was a significant part of the success of the Framers Markets.